Everyone makes beats these days

It’s funny when I hear people saying “Everyone makes beats these days”, “Everyone plays guitar”, or “Everyone is a DJ”, like that would be a bad thing.

In the third and fourth paragraph of this TechCrunch article, Moby talks about this, saying “If everyone is a musician and everyone is making mediocre music, eventually the world is just covered with mediocracy.”

This sounds like the same sentiment felt by every older generation and era as they are fading away. Threatened by their age and apparent inability to evolve or stay current, they turn to anger with the coming generation.

If anything, “everyone being a musician” would be the single best thing that could happen to music. If everyone did make beats, then the mediocre shit would be shoved to the bottom just as it is today, but the highest quality stuff would be elevated even higher. If anything we would hear a lot less crap because no one in the audience would tolerate it since they would all be musicians. No band, producer or DJ on a major stage would play anything crappy, because they would be the best of the best. The top of the pool out of millions. If everyone was a musician, then everyone would appreciate more types of music in a deeper and wider sense.

Realistically, this isn’t the case of course, and we still end up with a fair share of crap.

  • partofthepuzzle

    Well said. Having a more deeply educated and informed audience would be a fabulous development. Perhaps folks that worry about this are privately concerned about whether they could stand out from in such a “crowded” scene based largely on their talent, rather than at least partly relying being part of a smaller, elite group. Sure, we all have our self-doubts but personally, I’d rather be in a scene where I’m inspired and challenged by the talent around me, to reach deeper and to keep improving.