APC80/APC40/APC20 Template Suite Version 3 Giveaway

Version 3 of my APC80/APC40/APC20 DJ Template is slated for release on April 15th. There are a bunch of awesome new features, including APC button color controlled by Ableton clip color. To celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of the entire … Continued

MIDI Remote Deploy Script

When developing a MIDI Remote Script, dragging it into Ableton, rebooting Ableton, and checking the logs each time can be a pain. So I wrote this simple bash deploy script to take your files, put them into live, start live, … Continued

Ableton Live 9 APC40 and APC20 MIDI Remote Scripts Decompiled

I’ve been getting my APC80, APC40, and APC20 performance templates ready for Live 9, and that required decompiling the latest APC40 and APC20 MIDI Remote Scripts for Ableton. The scripts have been updated by Ableton, so unfortunately there will not … Continued

Everyone makes beats these days

It’s funny when I hear people saying “Everyone makes beats these days”, “Everyone plays guitar”, or “Everyone is a DJ”, like that would be a bad thing. In the third and fourth paragraph of this TechCrunch article, Moby talks about … Continued

Making a smart BPM knob in Ableton Live

I saw a request on Reddit for an accurate BPM knob from a MIDI controller to Ableton Live, and thought I’d do a writeup on a hack I did recently. A normal knob mapped directly to the BPM of Ableton … Continued