Ableton Live 9 APC40 and APC20 MIDI Remote Scripts Decompiled

I’ve been getting my APC80, APC40, and APC20 performance templates ready for Live 9, and that required decompiling the latest APC40 and APC20 MIDI Remote Scripts for Ableton. The scripts have been updated by Ableton, so unfortunately there will not be cross-compatibility between Live 8 and 9 for MIDI Remote Scripts. (Side Note: This means all future releases of my templates will be for Live 9 only.)

So I had to decompile the new scripts, but as far as I could tell no one has done that yet.

Once I did manage to decompile them (using uncompyle2), the decompiler produced some errors in the scripts which had to be fixed.

I fixed said errors, and present to you the Ableton Live 9 APC40 and APC20 decompiled python scripts.

Hope you find it useful!

  • PointsUnknown

    Thanks for putting these together. Still having all kinds of problems trying to get the old Petrov midi remote scripts working with Ableton 9 – but having the decompiled scripts is a big step in the right direction.


      We almsot have the patch in place. Right now the ONLY thing I am working on is the red box (clips launch – no box yet!). Get me via twitter @djnsm


    Walking through all fo the scripts, we are seeing a new scene (parent of session) in the scripts. Close, bit still far.

  • Baptiste Ménadier

    Do you know if Ableton includes native new features for APC40 ? I can’t figure out on internet.

    • Mr. Gangsterish

      I believe it has new functionality around the new Session view parameter recording options. A bunch of the code was re-written, I didn’t go through and look at what all exactly was updated. You could do that pretty easily though by comparing these with the Live 8 scripts offered by Hanz Petrov

  • Dave

    Hi, thanks for these, though I tried to run them and Ableton fails to load them correctly, what do I need to do to get these 100% working?

    • Dave

      Apologies, I was being an absolute muppet, got it working, thanks

      • Mr. Gangsterish

        Glad you got it worked out! Want to share what issue you were having, and how you fixed it, for any future visitors?

  • teddybass

    Hi — great scripts. Thank you. I’ve noticed an issue with the APC40 and 9 — if you vertically sometimes it just keeps scrolling and you can’t stop it. Is this something you have experienced? Thanks.

    • Mr. Gangsterish

      I haven’t run into this. Have you figured it out?

      • teddybass

        I haven’t — the problem is still there. I don’t think it’s your script however; it seems to be a bug with the program, or specifically my APC. Thanks for the reply!

  • Dan Ferguson

    i have no idea what im doing with this side of things.. but im dying to have device control functionality from the apc40 on user 1 of my 20. how difficult would it be for a complete amateur to do this?

    • SendsAndReturns

      We’re not sure about this one as it deals with the more native functions of the APC. Our scripts don’t use any device control functionality, so we haven’t played around with that too much. The Ableton forums may be a better place to ask.